About Us

what is arttothe5th.com?

Hello there?

arttothe5th.com is a customer focused blog that is created to cater to the needs of artists across different parts of the world.

There are artists on every continent or country in the globe. We plan on reaching as many people as we can with some of the most modern and useful content surrounding art. our mission I to connect to as many people as we can and share out knowledge, opinions and experiences so we can learn from each other and take new art techniques to another level.

Why artistthe5th.com?

Regardless of your level of expertise in the field of art, this website is definitely for you. if you are taking up art for the first time in your life you will also find content on this website very useful.

We have guidelines on new techniques to help you get more creative and precise when it comes to painting, drawing, photography and other forms of art.


arttothe5th.com is made if a diverse team of artists from different parts of the world, both beginners and gurus, writers, editors and researchers who work in a synchronised way to ensure the data and information provided is accurate, non-biased and useful to the reader.

As a team, our mission is to inspire artists with knowledge, techniques, ideas, and inspirations that will ignite your visions and help your artwork come to life.

Editorial guidelines

We value our readers as well as the content on the website. This is why we work super hard to ensure it is well presented, easy to access and skim through for the reader. Regardless of your skill level, we ensure that this content will be useful in your artistic Path. We encourage you to leave any feedback or additional information to help us expand our growing knowledge in the field of art.